A modern Western guide to traditional Eastern astrology



Zeus Sensor


We connect modern people with ancient wisdom.


For years, we have been exploring and attempted to interpret the profound knowledge embedded in Eastern and Western astrology.

We observed that the guiding principle is the North Star. It guides what we do, why we do it and how we do it - whether it’s deciding what kind of academic course we shall undertake, whether we should pursue a particular career trail and how we interact with people we meet through our life path.

While many of our guiding principles are fundamental to the way we function, they are meant to be revisited and reinterpreted so that they remain true to their original spirit, but relevant to our changing world.


With video instructions for beginners

Join metaphysicist Bret Taylor as he explains Zeus Sensor, an Eastern Astrology system for Western practitioners, helping you understand Zeus Sensor with everyday questions and practical answers.

A published guide book

Combine the app with the book, Zeus Sensor: A Western Guide To Eastern Astrology, and open new doors to learning the Zeus Sensor. Over 200 full colour pages with information, illustrations and photos to facilitate your learning and give you additional tips on how to interpret the charts.

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